Pop Your Culture Cherry!

Pop Your Culture Cherry!

Here’s a sample of the interview:

OT How does your feminism fit with your interest in Pop Culture?
AS My feminism is rooted in choice and value. The choice to make whatever decisions are best for me and to have those choices be seen as valuable. When things I relate to aren’t being reflected in the pop-culture landscape or are being reproduced in disrespectful ways, I take it personally and for me that is a feminist issue. It tells me that the world I live in doesn’t value my voice, my story, my being. Feminism allows for alternative narratives, for marginalized voices, for a world beyond the dominant power structure to exist. Pop culture is one of the most powerful venues for sharing that. We just need a a lot more girls and a lot less white people calling the shots.

OT Can you sit back and enjoy or do you find yourself always critiquing?
AS Oh jeez. That’s tough. In order to enjoy, you have to be comfortable with your complicity. You have to be able to say “Yeah, I’m dancing to “Blurred Lines” and it’s ok.” One of my primary areas of interest is adolescent identity and it’s constructions in pop culture, especially of girlhood. And you certainly aren’t going to get very far telling a 13 year old girl that she can’t watch Twilight or listen to Miley Cyrus. My goal – as an educator, as a performer, as a mentor – is to encourage people to think critically about the media they consume while also calling attention to the positive take-aways.


Question #174: Dating secrets of THE TERRIFYINGLY AMAZING


Captain Amazing is more like it.

Originally posted on Captain Awkward:

Dear Captain Awkward,

I am a twenty-five-year-old introverted, socially-awkward, geeky fat girl who has never been kissed. I feel weird about this, because it feels like there is something terribly wrong with me, and all of my friends are way more experienced than I am.

I don’t really know if I have the energy for a relationship right now, and have had terrible luck in dating — mostly I end up meeting guys who have fetishes for inexperience or fatness or smart ladies, and I am the only fat/virgin/geek girl they ever met, and they MUST HAVE ME or they will be ALONE FOREVER! and they tell me that clearly they are the only person who could ever like me anyway, and then I block them on AIM and don’t answer their calls. Or people who I am into are clearly not into me, and if they’re nice about it…

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Meet our Readers: Alicia Swiz



Originally posted on That's All She Wrote!:

Our August lineup continues with the boundlessly energetic Alicia Swiz.

Alicia writes and talks and reads out loud. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. Find her out and about in Chicago or on the internet at PopGoesAlicia.

Come to Swim Cafe on Sunday, August 11th to hear Alicia and the rest of our fabulous lineup.  Doors open at 7:30, stories start at 8.


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