Daydream Nation

I’m pretty interested in this new film that shares its name with a Sonic Youth album. Coincidence? According to NY Magazine, the album and the film are unrelated but Sonic Youth was billed at the top of the soundtrack list on the trailer I saw and Writer/Director Michael Goldbach is 33 years old so you do the math. Either way, it lends credence to my theory that nothing is original. I want to see it because its high school story starring Kat Dennings as the 16-17 year old protagonist. It seems like a smart choice for Dennings who first showed up in 2000 as the spoiled and savvy Jenny Briar on Sex and the City and has since carved out a stable career portraying realistic yet unique teen characters. Just as all women do, or should do, Dennings, who is now 24, is exploring her sexuality and emotional depth, at least on screen. Her’s will be an interesting career to watch.


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