Me Likes You Very Much. i like you too!

I was introduced to Lauren Barnett via her comic “was that supposed to be funny” which came to me via this awesome blog I was writing for at the time,  Feminist Review. I was immediately hooked by Lauren’s honest and peculiar humor especially when delivered through the thoughts and actions of non-humans. Apples with self-esteem issues, Grapes who love to dance and F bomb dropping Birds. Fuck yeah! Lauren just published a collection; a greatest hits of web comics showcasing the many personalities of birds, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Lauren leaves humans out of it, yet it is the humanity of these characters – their meanness, tenderness, absurdity – will keep you checking her website for the daily new comics.

Warning: There are lots of fucks and shits. Another reason I love it.

Lauren’s based out of NYC but you can get a copy of this collection at Chicago Comics or here.


2 thoughts on “Me Likes You Very Much. i like you too!

  1. Very cute. Word to the wise, if you search “LAUREN BARNETT” on Tumblr, you’ll find a couple of her comics and a handful of… well… graphic bondage posts.


    Wishing I could unsee that

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