five things

The first five things I will do to get over you:

1. Make a mixtape of songs that I love that remind me of you or us or whatever this is and was. I will listen to it over and over until they are just songs again.

2. Delete all your text messages and pictures from my phone. The pictures I will keep the texts messages I won’t.

3. Block you on Facebook hoping that if I go away maybe you will notice. Also, so I don’t even have the option to obsessively check your page.

4. Talk about it and you. All the fucking time and to anyone who will listen. Ugh.

5. Date someone else, make out with someone else or, at the very least create another OK Cupid profile. UGH.

 The next five things I will do to get over you:

1. Stop counting the days since we last saw each other.

2. Stop counting the days since we last spoke.

3. Stop counting the days since you last called.

4. Stop counting the days since your last text.

5. Stop counting on you.

Five things you did that hurt me:

1. Stopped calling.

2. Stopped texting.

3. Pretended to care.

4. Broke your word.

5. Broke my heart.

Five things I won’t do again:

1. Any

2. Thing

3. With

4. You

5. Ever.

Five things I will definitely do again:

1. Get so excited about the possibility of love that I see the best in someone.

2. Trust my feelings. Next time, I’ll trust them more than you.

3. Express myself openly and honestly, even when I am scared of the consequences.

4. Believe in love.

5. Whatever it takes.


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