Talk Feminism to Me (Ep2): Jason Davids Scott

My guest this week is Jason Davids Scott, Associate Professor of Theatre & Film at Arizona State University, baseball lover and all around awesome dude. We touched upon many things including feminism in the classroom, calling out colleagues on sexist behavior and the complications of “pop” feminism. Below is a quick guide to names mentioned and further references for exploration. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Jason recalls Ms. Magazine in his house growing up. Ms. was an explicitly feminist magazine created by Gloria Steinem & Lettie Cottin Pogrebin in 1972. It continues to publish hard copies in addition to hosting an awesome blog.

Also mentioned in recalling his earlier experiences with feminism was Constance Penley who Jason was a student of at the University of California – Santa Barbara, where she continues to teach today. Penley is a leading scholar on feminism and pornography who most recently edited “The Feminist Porn Book.”

In discussing my sometimes frustration with what I tend to label “Instagram Feminism” we explore the complications with Beyonce (2014) and Miley Cyrus’ (2013) VMA performances and refer to an excellent article by Roxane Gay in which she makes the much needed point:

Unfortunately, Beyoncé will represent the only face of feminism for too many people who will incorrectly assume feminism begins and ends with her. She is one woman – an amazing woman, to be sure – but she is a gateway to feminism, not the movement itself.

There was also brief mention of Rosie the Riveter, an often mistaken feminist icon. For more about that read this.

Finally, in a year where feminism was at the forefront of many pop cultural moments, I asked Jason his favorite, to which he replies, “You’re gonna love this…Mo’ne Davis.”

Image source: SportsCenter
Image source: SportsCenter



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