Upcoming Event: “Am I a Feminist?”

The word FEMINIST gets a lot of attention these days. Time Magazine dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Feminist” and then later included it on its list of proposed words to ban from our pop culture vocabulary. Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence openly embrace the word while Lady Gaga and Shailene Woodley strongly resist it.

What gives?

If you’re confused about the word FEMINIST and wonder, “Am I a feminist?” OR “Should I be a feminist?” then this event is for you, no matter your age or gender. Teens & parents especially encouraged to attend!

Friday, May 1st  //  7PM  // Women & Children First  //  $10 donation

Alicia Swiz is both a professor and performer. Drawing from her personal experience and her academic training, Ms. Swiz will facilitate a conversation about what it means to be a feminist in 2015. One part lecture, two parts Q&A. Expect humor and candid observation that will help you gain new insight on an often misrepresented identity.

Questions? Email Ms. Swiz {msswiz@popgoesalicia.com}


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