I’m Not Crazy But You’re Sexist: A Special Column by Alicia Swiz

I am beyond proud of this piece as I am of the Chicago Literati for taking on taboo topics as well as all the writer’s who work I cited who continue to fight the good fight.

Chicago Literati

Two years ago I had a brief affair with a man I met while visiting my cousin in California. We met, we sparked, we frenched. I went back to Chicago and, to my surprise, he called – like on the phone – which led to video chats and regular texting and suddenly six months was too long to be apart so we decided I’d come visit before the next trip I already had scheduled and he’d split the airfare with me. Our visit was lovely, but about a week after I returned to Chicago, I could just sense a shift. His texts were fewer and further between and before I knew it, he ghosted on me. Like, completely. Without reimbursing me the half of the cost of the $500 plane ticket, as we had originally agreed. I kept trying. but he continued to ignore my texts, calls, and emails about…

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