The Hardest Working Feminist in Chicago

2016-05-04 14.52.34

Alicia Swiz may be the hardest working feminist in Chicago.  In the past few months she’s developed her #SlutTalk into a standing room only event at The East Room in Logan Square, brought the #ShoutYourAbortion movement to Chicago to start a chapter, and began promoting a feminist lipstick company, The Smear Campaign, in Chicago. Between all that she’s still the rock star professor, telling funny stories at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, and hosting SlutTalk at Taboo Tabou. She’s our favorite and a doll so we can’t wait to hang out with her on May 11th at 8 PM to discuss Dating Dudes.  We got lucky and caught her between all this crazyness to catch us up on her life.

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