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Below is a sample from the most recent blog post by TIOS founder Eboni Lacey exploring the feminism of Amber Rose. Read the full article here.

Though Amber Rose did strip at one point of time in her life as well as date Kanye West, she has many other accolades that people are just now noticing. I find it incredibly disturbing that people still refer to her as a “former stripper” or as “Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife” without acknowledging that she’s an active philanthropist, model, eyewear designer, actress, filmographer and even an author.

Also, she became a national advocate for all women when she took over the Slut Walk movement, a historic worldwide campaign that started originally in Canada after a Toronto police officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts. 

Through reading her story, I’ve come to realize it’s not women like her that are sending the wrong message to young girls, but the asshole of Patriarchy that continues to degrade women by referring to them as former strippers, no matter what else they’ve done in society.

As a feminist, I’ve finally understood that you HAVE to be pro-women in every aspect, from the woman who gets abortions every month, to the woman that fucks old men, and even to the woman who strips for free and loves every minute of it.

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PHILLY TONIGHT : FEMINIST AS F#CK manifesta & dialogue

Feminism does not come with a rulebook or with guidelines.

What does it mean to be a feminist? What are the collective agreements that link us in a common feminist identity and what defines your personal feminism? Join professor and performer, Alicia Swiz, in exploring what drives modern feminism and the commitment to living your feminist values in a non-feminist world.

Drawing from her personal experience and her academic training, Alicia Swiz facilitates conversations about what it means to be a feminist in 2015. One part lecture, two parts Q&A, Alicia uses humor and candid observation to provide insight and awareness about gender, feminism and culture.


Wooden Shoe Books & Records : 601 South St. : 7pm : $10 suggested donation

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PopGoesAlicia LIVE! 8/14: Talking Points

PopGoesAlicia LIVE! is back for another fun-filled evening of drinks, food and hilarious dialogue about the intersections of gender, feminism and current pop-cultural events live from The High-Hat Club.

Guests this month are comic Ashley Huck, comic Mikey Manker and host of Grown Folks Stories, Cara Brigandi. Ashley and Mikey will warm us up with short sets and I’ll chat for a bit with Cara about Chicago culture and curating her long running storytelling show before all 3 launch into a fast-paced panel. Come out and join the conversation!

Here’s a preview of some of the topics we’ll be popping off at the mouth about. Click the link to read the original article.

The Vocal Fry Debate. How do we feel about well-known feminist, Naomi Wolf, criticizing girls for the way they talk? NOT COOL. But these critical responses sure are. The Frisky’s Caitlin White argues it’s not Vocal Fry but basic misogyny that is holding women back while, the always on point, Amanda Marcotte, for The Daily Dot, argues that policing the way women speak is just code for telling them to shutup. Where do you stand?

Why It’s Not Cool to Criticize a Female Musician For Not Being ‘Ladylike’” – Great article by friend of the show & Chicago Huffington Post Editor, Joe Erbentraut. The title says it all.

RONDA ROUSEY: Feminist role model or not? The Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi has some thoughts…What are yours?



In Praise of the BFF’s on OITNB


It’s a goal of mine this year to publish more positive & lighthearted pieces in addition to thinkpieces and feminist critiques. This one felt good to write and I’m looking forward to publishing more on The Frisky.

From the jovial opening scene of Pennsatucky driving with Bell and Maxwell, the two female guards, to the final rush of freedom among the entire group, season three covers a lot of emotional territory, most of it compelled by the unique friendships the women have forged with one another. There is a fragility and vulnerability that informs the way the characters interact with one another and it’s the tenderness, and not the ways the reproduce traditional masculine power dynamic, that make their connections all the more powerful.

Read the full article here.